Product Recommendation using Deep Learning at Albertsons


Tuesday, June 20, 2023


2:40 pm


Red Rock Ballroom A


Product recommendation is at the heart of Personalization group’s efforts to help Albertsons customers. Deep Learning has become the go-to approach for recommendation. Therefore, the group has begun to put efforts into applying Deep Learning to enhance new product recommendations. First, leveraging transaction data and product catalog, we built Customer DNA and Product DNA models. Customer DNA model captures customer characteristics such as purchase behavioral pattern, dietary preference, e-com affinity, customer location, etc. and embeds into a list (vector) of numbers. Similarly, Product DNA model captures product characteristics (e.g., is product organic and/or sugar-free?) and product-product associations—e.g., bread and peanut butter are usually purchased together. Second, we leverage these models to build a next generation recommendation system—inspired by the Wide and Deep recommendation model architecture. Our experiments building the framework have generated favorable results and we will share our journey from model conception to putting it in production to better serve our customers.

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