Paul Pallath


VP Applied AI Practice


Searce Inc


With a career spanning over three decades, Paul has had the privilege of working with diverse companies, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, gaining extensive experience in crafting and implementing AI solutions that fuel business growth and innovation.

In his capacity at Searce, he has been instrumental in steering the development of cutting-edge AI technology solutions that deliver substantial value to our clients. Leading his team, they’ve created AI-powered applications that streamline business processes, optimize operations, and introduce new business models, ultimately driving impactful and forward-looking business outcomes through artificial intelligence. Their work, particularly in solving complex problems with Artificial Intelligence, including Generative AI, has garnered recognition for the Applied AI Practice at Searce.

Before joining Searce, Paul served as the global leader for Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligent technology at Levi Strauss & Company (LS&Co). During his tenure, he led a team that integrated data, analytics, and AI into core business processes, playing a significant role in LS&Co’s digital transformation journey. Their data-centric approach had a profound impact on various facets of LS&Co’s operations, from sourcing and manufacturing to pricing, assortment, sales, and shareholder value. By treating data as a strategic asset and leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics, they made informed, real-time, data-driven decisions, steering LS&Co towards long-term success.

Beyond Paul’s corporate responsibilities, he’s proud to be recognized for his contributions to the research community, earning a reputation as a thought leader in the field of AI. Holding several patents and publishing numerous research papers in top technical journals related to machine learning, his passion for AI and machine learning is evident in his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and finding innovative applications for these technologies to benefit businesses and society at large.

Paul’s expertise, leadership, and visionary outlook have positioned him as a valuable asset to Searce and the broader AI community. With a proven track record in delivering substantial top and bottom-line benefits through intelligent outcomes leveraging AI, he’s excited to continue driving the development of cutting-edge AI solutions that yield tangible results, transforming the operational landscape for businesses.

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